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Being the best home inspector near me is quite a task. At Reassurance Home Inspection, we take pride in our work, which allows us to live up to that title. Not only do we specialize in Minneapolis home inspections, we also offer mold & radon inspections. Check out the reviews below to see why our customers love us. Once you’re finished, feel free to reach out to us via our contact us page!

“I have personally used his services for my own purchases and consult with him often regarding any concerns I run across while helping my clients find a sound home. I appreciate that he always answers his phone and bends his schedule if need be to meet my clients needs. He has been impeccable about being on time. Dave is very detailed orientated and has an eloquent way of conveying potential hazards/issues to a prospective home buyer in a professional and easy to understand manner. Dave is also very professional as well as tech savvy equipped with the latest inspection software and detailed reports. He is definitely a wealth of information having been in the handy man business for 20+ years. I consistently recommend Dave’s services to my clients, friends, family and anyone else who may need REASSURANCE as they make the largest purchase of their lives. Please feel free to contact me directly with and questions or concerns.”

-David L.

“I met Dave Taurinskas many years ago when he was in the home repair business. When I was considering the purchase of a home, Dave was a relatively new home inspector. Even so, he was the only person I trusted to perform my inspection. The owner of the home had done quite a bit of remodeling himself. I had concerns about whether or not the work was of good quality and within required building codes because I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on home repairs or upgrades. Dave took the time to ensure I felt part of the home inspection process. He explained his findings throughout the inspection, encouraged me to ask questions and made sure I was comfortable with his answers. His report was clear, concise, and easy to understand. Based on Dave’s inspection I felt confident about purchasing that home. Should I ever purchase another home Dave is the only home inspector I would use.”

-Andrea S.

“I think you did a great job on the house inspection. Being a first time home buyer, I was afraid of the rubber stamping, glossing over, and back door deals that go on to often behind the scenes between Realtors and home inspectors. You came to the forefront with my interests in mind and for that your help was greatly appreciated. I did decide to walk away from this house as I felt after your inspection revealed many troubling issues, it would have been to much of a headache. I never really thought of houses a lot like cars can be lemons. I believe you saved me from buying a “lemon”. Hiring you was the best decision I could have ever made. I’m really grateful for not going with my Realtors inspector as I felt he would have rubber stamped this house through and then I would have been sitting with all those issues. By the way my realtor decided to part ways once this real estate transaction didn’t go through. I find it quite intriguing given the fact that this is why everyone should have and most do offer contingencies based upon inspections before buying a house. You protected my interests not the Realtors and because I wasn’t willing to do it “his” way, his ego took a bruising and couldn’t handle the truth about this house. I’m looking at it as his loss. I will keep you in mind in the future if I do decide to move forward on another house, you have been a tremendous help.”

-Ted S.

“Hi Dave, Just a note to say, “Thank You So Much”, for the extra mile you went for us. We really appreciate you coming back after the de-winterization exposed so many defects in the plumbing system. When we think of the money we saved, having an inspection (which we were not going to do) and spending a relatively small inspection fee compared to the costs we would have incurred, repairing all of the items you noted, we can only say again “Thank You”. If you had not encouraged us to have an inspection we would be out about $14,000. Wow, and to think we thought the house looked pretty good when we first walked through. The home maintenance tips in your report and on your website have been very helpful. Your professionalism and great explainations really helped us to understand the house we were considering. You should be getting a call soon from a friend of mine who is looking for a house now. I would gladly recommend you to anyone needing an inspection or advice on a home.”

-Mike and Rachel A.

I can’t thank you enough for your time. It is an understatement to say that you educated me about my house more than I could imagine. I think the template you provided for home repairs will save me 10x the money I paid for the inspection itself. I value your additional recommendations if you come up with any, and I’ll definitely be touching base with your “friends” for the home repairs, so tell them to expect my calls. I suppose I am just saying thank you, and the most sincere expression of my thanks is to recommend additional business to you. Linnea was quite impressed by you, and fully intends on utilizing you in future deals. I have co-workers who are re-locating out to MN as well, and I will insist they take advantage of your services as well.

-Scott B.

“Dave Taurinskas, from Reassurance Home Inspection inspected a house for me. He showed up on time and did a thorough inspection, finding several things that needed fixing that I had not been aware of. He helped me solve a couple of the problems with his insightful suggestions. His knowledge was inpressive! Without Daves’ help I would have been at a loss. His professional and friendly manner are a pleasure in todays world and I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.”

-Ward D.

Thanks a lot Dave! I appreciate you taking the time out of your Sundays to visit the properties and once again want to extend my gratitude for having a careful and critical eye on both homes. You have made the end to my first buying process an enjoyable one and I am grateful to have an inspector that knows his stuff. I will recommend you to my family and friends for future inspections. Thanks again Dave!


“I am just amazed at the information you could tell me about this house. I felt like I was talking to the builder and the previous owner. You really have a great way of explaining the problems and I especially liked the maintenance tips you told me about. I would not have thought of many of those things until it was too late or I had much bigger problems on my hands. Thanks again!”

-Steve S.

Thank you for your time. It was a pleasure. It is great to have all of this information right away in a printed format. Highly detailed. Alysia and I looked over the documents last night when we got home. We believe you provided all the information we will need in working on upgrading/maintaining the house. And we will certainly contact you with questions/concerns.


Thank you again for your help in conducting our home inspection. Your willingness to explain details and options with handling the deficiencies are greatly appreciated. We will definitely recommend you as we talk with others that are looking for a professional to conduct a thorough home inspection.

-Anthony V.

Thanks for the great inspection you did this week. I negotiated a price I thought was fair to both me and the seller to cover the issues you discovered during your inspection. This was my third offer and third inspection in the last 4 months. I wish I had found you earlier to do the other two properties

-Kim N.

As an investment property buyer, I used to feel I could read these properties I am buying pretty well. I never thought I needed an Inspector. Your detail makes you invaluable to me as you have saved me $1000’s. I will definitely use you in the future.

-Mike T.

Where did you get your training and experience? I have never seen an inspection like that before. You are so informative. My client was so pleased with your work. Being a very nervous first time home buyer, she really felt like she understood the home when you were done with the “walk through”. I have never heard a buyer compliment an inspector like that before. Nice meeting you and a “Great job!”

-Sharon M.

Thank you very much for your offer for help, and for doing a thorough inspection, as well as for providing me with useful advice and complete information. Thank you also for handing me a detailed report and sending the attached pdf., which include images of items on the property that drew your attention and which will necessitate monitoring or repair. Your help is much appreciated.


Thank you again for so thoroughly inspecting the house and explaining your recommendations. It’s been a great help as we make our decision! We’ll certainly take advantage of the many resources you’ve posted to your site and may well take you up on your offer for additional advice as things come up. We also appreciate your returning to check out the garage. That was above and beyond!

-Megan and Rob

The check is in the mail today. Let me know if you don’t receive it by next Tuesday or so. Thanks again for a very thorough and informative inspection! We feel a lot better now that many of the formerly unknowns are known. Tons of good advice in the report.


Thank you so much for doing the inspection on my house, and for how thorough you were. I really appreciate it! Also, thanks for sending my the info to your website. It is incredibly helpful, especially for someone like me, who knows absolutely nothing! As long as the offer still stands, I will likely utilize your contacts for some work down the road, with the gutters and electrician, just for starters. Thanks again so much for all of your help. I can see exactly why Joe refers you. I will be doing the same!


Hi Dave. I just wanted you to know, I thought you did an excellent job. You really know your stuff. The detailed report is exactly what I needed. I can only hope the rest of the people that I will be dealing with through this process are as good as you. I will probably have some questions for you later as I work through these things. Thanks again.

-Bryan O’Connell

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